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one who believes clean fingernails, free weekends, intact knuckles and financial stability are overrated


one who builds the change he/she wishes to see

Gearhead Diva is a lifestyle and entertainment brand for makers, tinkerers, DIY enthusiasts and curious minds. Launched by Motortrend / Discovery TV personality and VR creator, Rachel De Barros, it’s home to her popular series along with other social and virtual reality programming in the home, auto, tech, shop and science genres.

Unleash your inner MacGyver with projects and tutorials that mix traditional crafts like wood- and metal-working with tomorrow’s mechanics and technology to create inventive, homemade solutions using widely available materials, upcycling found items and basic tools you already have. With a passion for telling stories through her hands, she enjoys working on everything from classic cars to home renovation projects and even hacking the latest tech. As a result, she’s able to connect with audiences in an authentic and relatable manner through personal stories, lessons learned and practical tips and advice not found on any script.

We understand that the Maker Movement is a global phenomenon impacting the future of work, product development, education and entertainment. Fans are changing the way they consume content and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of that change. From share-worthy social videos and live streams with real-time interaction to immersive VR experiences, we’re crashing through the screen to transport viewers directly into the action to watch projects come to life in first-person view or even make decisions that alter the course of the project with our interactive storylines.