Home Uncategorized Add Style and Privacy to your Carport with Bottle Fence Sides
Add Style and Privacy to your Carport with Bottle Fence Sides

Add Style and Privacy to your Carport with Bottle Fence Sides

Carports are relatively inexpensive and convenient home add-ons that give your outdoor-parked car a bit of protection from the elements. But your basic open air ports don’t offer much privacy and most kits don’t match the style of your existing home. Here’s an idea to transform your plain carport into a summer terrace-like enclosure and a structure that looks more like a natural extension of your home.

Collect a variety of wine bottles in different shapes and colors. Drill a hole through the bottom of each bottle and then run rebar through them to create the individual fence poles. The colorful bottle fence sides will allow plenty of light to shine through for weekend projects but still give your car a secluded retreat from street view.

Goods Home Design | How to Make a Special Bottle Fence


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