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Purveyor of the illest car stuff on the net, decreaser of stance and performance suck world-wide, proud superfan of mods and now recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.

CFL Bulb Teardown

Rachel De Barros 0
Let’s tear down this 45W CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulb to look at the electronics inside, common failure points, repair tips and which components to keep for other electronics projects.

Workbench Plan

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Every maker needs a good workbench but they can get expensive at the store, especially one with casters, a shelf and other features. Join the Wrench Army for access to all our plans!

Giant Storage System for Small Spaces – Part 1

Rachel De Barros 0
It’s garage makeover time and I’m building my own custom wrap-around shop storage system! DIY garage shelving is great and easy to build but in the end you can still see the mess! In PART 1, I start with a large 3-unit cabinet with plenty of shelves using basic woodworking skills. This will eventually get […]

Easy DIY Workbench

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It's time to trade in my wobbly craft table for a real workbench! This easy DIY workbench design costs only about $100 …AND can be built with just one cutting tool!

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw

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Although the reciprocating is mainly known as a demolition tool, it can do so much more - from reclaiming wood and trimming branches - it's one of the most versatile tools you could have for DIY projects.

Steel Wool Sparklers – DIY Fireworks

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Make your own fireworks display with common household items – steel wool and a battery (or lighter). I’ll show you the trick to getting that thick rain of sparks using a little science!

How to Remove Plasti-Dip – Complete Guide

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Join me in my garage as I try to remove Plasti Dip that's over 1 year old from my entire car!

Homemade Sandblasting Cabinet

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If space and money are precious commodities in your shop, this DIY homemade sandblasting cabinet uses common household items!

DIY Mini Vac Out of Trash

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Join Rachel De Barros as she tries to turn trash into …other more useful trash like this DIY mini vacuum cleaner from a plastic bottle, 9V or 12V motor and a few other household items destined for the curb! It’s powerful enough to clean up your workbench after woodworking or grinding but small enough to […]

Fix Battery Drain in Your Car

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Waking up to a dead battery every morning? If your car has a battery drain, hunting down the source of your parasitic draw can be a confusing process. First we determine if the culprit is the battery and then show you how to perform a parasitic draw test the easy way to identify the problem […]

Add Style and Privacy to your Carport with Bottle Fence Sides

Rachel De Barros 2952
Carports are relatively inexpensive and convenient home add-ons that give your outdoor-parked car a bit of protection from the elements. But your basic open air ports don’t offer much privacy and most kits don’t match the style of your existing home. Here’s an idea to transform your plain carport into a summer terrace-like enclosure and […]

Prevent Bent Prongs with a Nail Harness

Rachel De Barros 1027
Have you ever been working outside or in another room with an electric tool and pulled the plug out of the wall, around the corner? Do this a few times and you’ll end up with bent prongs. Here’s a trick that uses nails to secure the cord next to the plug so you know when […]