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Make a Fire Pit From Your Old Washing Machine Drum

Rachel De Barros 1740
You know the saying? One man’s washing machine drum is another man’s retro-chic firepit? Well, close enough. While renovating their home in San Francisco, Joe and Sarah weren’t happy with all the generic-looking fire pits available at the big box stores when it came to decorating the patio – and anything cool and unique was […]

Add Traction to a Set of Stairs

Rachel De Barros 1709
Are your tires no longer passing the penny test? Although they don’t have enough of tread to grip the road like they used to, there’s still plenty left to give your metal or wooden outdoor stairs some extra traction – especially when wet. Cut the tread part of your old tires into rectangular sheets and […]

Avoid Registration Sticker Theft with a Few Slices

Rachel De Barros 1777
License plate registration stickers aren’t cheap, especially in some states, which makes them a hot commodity to certain opportunistic individuals who’d rather steal them instead and drive around on your dime. If you want to foil their plans, cross-cut your sticker with a razor blade. If the thief tries to pull it off, it will […]

Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Rachel De Barros 1639
Depending on your projects, you probably use a few different types of tape and like the folks over at American Woodworking get fed up with rooting through a dusty drawer to find the right one. So they built a handy dispenser to neatly house them all out of scrap lumber, a dowel, and a hacksaw […]

Cook Up a Hot Meal on a Natural Log Stove

Rachel De Barros 1746
If you’re ever caught without a cooking stove or camp-fire facilities, or you just want to show off a cool camping trick to your friends and get a meal out of it, this DIY log stove is a great way to cook in the outdoors or even your backyard. Also known as a Swedish Fire […]

Install and Wire Up Your Amplifier Like an Audio God

Rachel De Barros 2111
After a bit of planning and research you finally got that killer amplifier and are on your way to transforming your stock audio system into a mobile concert arena! But looking at the pile of wires that come with the job, it becomes clear why some audio professionals charge the price of a few fancy […]

“Drive It Like You Stole It” Screwdriver Key Hack

Rachel De Barros 1675
Um, hi officer. This is my car …for real. Wait, is that a taser? If you’re looking to boost your Grand Theft Auto cred but don’t look good in an orange jumpsuit all you need is an old screwdriver – one with some character and looks like it has a seedy story to tell – […]

6 Upgrades to Turn Your Classic into a Trusted Daily Driver

Rachel De Barros 1255
As I was out and about running errands, I saw something you rarely get a glimpse of in the wild – least of all sitting outside a Walmart. It was an exotically colored ’72 Plymouth Road Runner that surely must have escaped the confines of its garage to enjoy a little freedom. From the looks […]

Small Bits Ceiling Storage System

Rachel De Barros 1701
Being a gearhead, I tend to accumulate a variety of small items wherever I go that may one day come in handy. Some day. Like a magnet, odd bolts, nuts, screws, trim, brackets, tools (even partially broken ones) and car accessories (some for cars I don’t even own) seem to have an irresistible attraction towards […]