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Did I just find the perfect disguise for our Flatuosity Meter?

During our Wrench Army live stream, we successfully prototyped a fart… I mean Flatuosity Meter! And now it's time to disguise it in something… hmm… We talked about a few ideas like making a Ghostbusters PKE-style meter, putting it in something ordinary like a lunchbox or briefcase but I doubt anyone would suspect anything so …furry!

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Preview of the NEW website!

Hi everyone, I'm giving the Gearhead Diva site a cleaner, more minimalistic look so the videos can be front and center. Here's a preview of a a few pages in the works. The website should be back online early next week! Post your feedback here or on Discord - there's still time for me to make some changes!

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I think my prototype is being judged…

Madame Leota couldn't "resist" helping me prototype the next project that will finally answer the age-old question: Did he who smelt it really dealt it? There's a good chance she'll try to sabotage this on behalf of the other furry suspects! I can't decide between using a MQ-4 (methane) sensor or the MQ-135 (air quality) one. Which one are you leaning towards? Post below or on Discord! We'll make the final decision together in the next live prototyping stream.

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Shop Dog Eeyore reminds me to stop and smell the fall leaves…

Fall is my favorite time of year! Not only does it lead up to my favorite holiday - Halloween - but it's also a reminder that next year is right around the corner. That always gives me an extra boost of motivation to wrap up existing projects and pack in any other things I want to get done. Just when I start getting consumed by various projects, Eeyore has a way of reminding me to take a moment to appreciate where you are and what you've accomplished. They definitely have life figured out!

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A toot of a project!

Time to settle the debate over "who smelt it, dealt it" - by investing dozens of my dollars, using a few electronics and a bit of science! Here are some initial components I think we're gonna need: Arduino UnoMQ-4 or MQ-135 sensorLEDsBuzzer/AlarmServo or OLED screen to display the results I hope to fit this into a handheld contraption like the Ghostbusters PKE Meter but would love to hear some of YOUR design ideas! Post here or on Discord.

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