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How to Make a Special Bottle Fence

Add Style and Privacy to your Carport with Bottle Fence Sides

Carports are relatively inexpensive and convenient home add-ons that give your outdoor-parked car a bit of protection from the elements. But your basic open air ports don't offer much privacy and most kits don't match the style of your existing home. Here's an idea to transform your plain carport into a summer terrace-like enclosure and a structure that looks more like a natural extension of your home. Collect a variety of wine bottles in different shapes and colors. Drill a hole through the bottom of each bottle and then run rebar through them to create the individual fence poles. The colorful bottle fence sides will…

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DIY Jar Lantern, DIY Emergency Light

Stylish Modern Jar Lantern Provides Ambient Lighting at the Flick of a Switch

What started out as an art project for randofo on Instructables after being inspired by the rays of sunlight refracting through a glass water bottle, turned into a quest to capture the magical wonder he felt holding a jar of light in a way only a gearhead knows how. Here's his contemporary take on the traditional gas lantern. What You'll Need Glass jar with twist top (big enough to fit an average CFL bulb) CFL bulb Disposable camera AA battery holder Switch Roll of magnet wire Prepping the Circuit Board Use a screwdriver to pop open the disposable camera case and access the circuit board…

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Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Organize Cables

Organize Unruly Cables with Toilet Paper Rolls

With all the digital devices piling up in our lives, it's easy to get caught up in the web of miscellaneous cables they leave behind. Rather than throwing them in a bin or drawer where they'll get tangled up, Instructables user berserk, developed a practical and wallet-friendly system using left-over toilet paper rolls. Bundle each cable with both ends facing the same direction so you can identify it easily and tuck it into a roll. The rolls can even be glued together as an assembly to keep them from shifting around. This may not be the most attractive system but the price more than makes…

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DIY Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Make a Fire Pit From Your Old Washing Machine Drum

You know the saying? One man's washing machine drum is another man's retro-chic firepit? Well, close enough. While renovating their home in San Francisco, Joe and Sarah weren't happy with all the generic-looking fire pits available at the big box stores when it came to decorating the patio - and anything cool and unique was out of their budget. With $10 and an angle grinder, they put their newly-acquired home improvement skills to work by turning a discarded washer drum into a resort-style fire pit that put a lot of the store-bought ones to shame. It turns out that the drum is a perfect container…

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Reuse Old Tires to Add Traction to Stairs

Add Traction to a Set of Stairs

Are your tires no longer passing the penny test? Although they don't have enough of tread to grip the road like they used to, there's still plenty left to give your metal or wooden outdoor stairs some extra traction - especially when wet. Cut the tread part of your old tires into rectangular sheets and screw or nail them down for "no-slip" stairs. Photo: Nyssa

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Prevent License Plate Sticker Theft

Avoid Registration Sticker Theft with a Few Slices

License plate registration stickers aren't cheap, especially in some states, which makes them a hot commodity to certain opportunistic individuals who'd rather steal them instead and drive around on your dime. If you want to foil their plans, cross-cut your sticker with a razor blade. If the thief tries to pull it off, it will come off in pieces. If they're really determined, they can always remove the other pieces too but this will take much longer and put them at higher risk for getting caught. And, if you only lose a small piece, you may not have to get a replacement. Some states already…

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How to Make a Jumbo Take Dispenser

Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Depending on your projects, you probably use a few different types of tape and like the folks over at American Woodworking get fed up with rooting through a dusty drawer to find the right one. So they built a handy dispenser to neatly house them all out of scrap lumber, a dowel, and a hacksaw blade. This dispenser was made with 3/4" birch but plywood will work just as well. Almost all regular-size rolls of tape have a 3" center hole, so the same size filler block will fit most rolls. These filler blocks are made up of 2-3/16" squares and the corners were rounded…

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Cook Up a Hot Meal on a Natural Log Stove

If you're ever caught without a cooking stove or camp-fire facilities, or you just want to show off a cool camping trick to your friends and get a meal out of it, this DIY log stove is a great way to cook in the outdoors or even your backyard. Also known as a Swedish Fire Torch, all you need to make one of your own is a log, chainsaw (although an axe or saw would work just fine) and some newspaper. Cut the log evenly on both ends so it stands up on its own and provides a flat cooking surface for your pot or…

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Back to the Future Costume

This Awesome Baby’s Marty McFly Costume and DeLorean Push Car is an Epic Parenting Win

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern="true" align="left" margin_bottom="0"]For Cooper's first Halloween, his Back to the Future-loving parents dressed him up as Marty McFly. But a simple wardrobe change doesn't sacrifice nearly enough free time to satisfy a true gearhead so his parents spent weekends and nights throughout the month of October to build a DeLorean out of a plastic child's push car. Cooper's mom, Cory, has always loved cars since she was little and grew up going to car shows with her father so what better way to tote your 1-year old son around on Halloween (or any day for that matter) than in a customized Step2 push car?…

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Screwdriver Key Hack

“Drive It Like You Stole It” Screwdriver Key Hack

Um, hi officer. This is my car ...for real. Wait, is that a taser? If you're looking to boost your Grand Theft Auto cred but don't look good in an orange jumpsuit all you need is an old screwdriver - one with some character and looks like it has a seedy story to tell - and a key you're willing to hack. Just for kicks, Nathan of Haha Bird wanted to see if he could replicate the look of a stolen car with the familiar screwdriver jammed into the ignition tactic. He sawed off the shaft of the screwdriver to about an inch long and…

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How to Use a Game Joystick as a Gear Shifter

Geek Out! Swap your Gear Shifter with a Gaming Joystick

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you consider your car your significant other, then chances are, video gaming is your mistress. These two fight relentlessly for your attention so why not enjoy both at the same time by flashing a little geek pride in your ride? If you devoted a lot of your young adulthood to old flight sim games like X-wing vs. Tie Fighter then hopefully you haven't yet parted with your joysticks like the Quickshot Warrior or Thrustmaster. Swapping out your manual stock shifter for joystick is actually pretty easy as the author of Geek Greek and TDI Club member, NarfBLAST, can attest. All each of them had…

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