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After a bit of planning and research you finally got that killer amplifier and are on your way to transforming your stock audio system into a mobile concert arena! But looking at the pile of wires that come with the job, it becomes clear why some audio professionals charge the price of a few fancy […]
Being a gearhead, I tend to accumulate a variety of small items wherever I go that may one day come in handy. Some day. Like a magnet, odd bolts, nuts, screws, trim, brackets, tools (even partially broken ones) and car accessories (some for cars I don’t even own) seem to have an irresistible attraction towards […]
Accessing bolts in the engine bay can be a lot like trying to make your way across a crowded nightclub. Components often enjoy socializing close together leaving little room to turn a wrench. Instructables DIYer, Toga_Dan, found himself in a tight spot while working under the hood and couldn’t get enough torque on his wrench. […]