Home Uncategorized “Drive It Like You Stole It” Screwdriver Key Hack
“Drive It Like You Stole It” Screwdriver Key Hack

“Drive It Like You Stole It” Screwdriver Key Hack

Um, hi officer. This is my car …for real. Wait, is that a taser?

If you’re looking to boost your Grand Theft Auto cred but don’t look good in an orange jumpsuit all you need is an old screwdriver – one with some character and looks like it has a seedy story to tell – and a key you’re willing to hack.

Just for kicks, Nathan of Haha Bird wanted to see if he could replicate the look of a stolen car with the familiar screwdriver jammed into the ignition tactic. He sawed off the shaft of the screwdriver to about an inch long and cut a slit at the end. From there he rounded the sharp edges and tapered the end with a grinder so he’d have a smooth transition from the screwdriver shaft to the key.

The only part of the key he needed was the blade so he cut off the head (after carefully measuring how much of the key needed to go into the ignition and adding in the depth of the slit). Oh yeah, and if you’re thinking of doing this you’d be using a spare, right? The portion of the key blade going into the slit didn’t fit so it was thinned on a grinding wheel until it could be tapped into place but still had a tight fit.

Screwdriver Key Hack

To permanently join the two pieces together he put some flux on the end of the key blade going into the slit and used a torch and silver solder to make it official.

Screwdriver Key Hack

Be warned, though, having a large screwdriver handle hanging off your ignition adds weight and leverage that could damage the tumblers inside, especially with bumps in the road – which would then allow you to use a real screwdriver, I suppose. Look for a stubby screwdriver to limit weight. And if your key uses a chip, some of the comments in the thread point out that you could put the chip under the dash or embed it in the handle.

Head over to Nathan’s post on Haha Bird for more photos and detailed instructions.


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