Mad Scientist Bubbler Tube Prototyping


The small tank on our vape pen means we’ll constantly have to keep checking the fluid level and topping it off because if it runs out, we could burn out our coil. To keep our fog machine supplied for longer, we’re going to be making a mad scientist bubbler tube that will also act as a reservoir of jog juice to keep the vape pen tank full.

For this first prototyping round I used 1/4″ copper piping to create a Jacob’s Ladder shape because I thought it would be a clever way to incorporate another mad scientist laboratory element into our build. It can totally be done and looks cool but in a later stream we switched to a straight 3/4″ pipe to make it easier to unscrew the water bottle and refill it. We also learned that punching holes in the air tube with a needle or nails works great if the tube is straight or only makes shallow bends but if you have to bend it more aggressively like we did to create the Jacob’s Ladder effect, the holes make it much easier for the tube to kink and block airflow. If you like the Jacob’s Ladder idea, I recommend using an air stone to create bubbles rather than punching holes through the air tube. That way you can wrap it around the 1/4″ copper tubing without worrying about kinks and attach the air stone at the bottom. The bubbles will rise and appear to be coming from your Jacob’s Ladder design!



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