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How to Use a Game Joystick as a Gear Shifter

Geek Out! Swap your Gear Shifter with a Gaming Joystick

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you consider your car your significant other, then chances are, video gaming is your mistress. These two fight relentlessly for your attention so why not enjoy both at the same time by flashing a little geek pride in your ride? If you devoted a lot of your young adulthood to old flight sim games like X-wing vs. Tie Fighter then hopefully you haven't yet parted with your joysticks like the Quickshot Warrior or Thrustmaster. Swapping out your manual stock shifter for joystick is actually pretty easy as the author of Geek Greek and TDI Club member, NarfBLAST, can attest. All each of them had…

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