Flatuosity Meter Prototype Plan

There are many of life’s important questions that science has yet to answer but none so paramount as: Did “he who smelt it, dealt it?” or even did “he who denied it, supplied it?” The answer has evaded mankind for far too long so today we take the first step in our journey to answer this age-old question once and for all! If you prefer an offline version, download this plan as a PDF from your Member Dashboard. You can also download the Arduino sketch (.ino) from there. DOWNLOAD this plan & code as a PDF MATERIALS ITEMQUANTITYDESCRIPTIONArduino Uno1Another brand is fine tooBreadboard1Solderless for easy…

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Preview of the NEW website!

Hi everyone, I'm giving the Gearhead Diva site a cleaner, more minimalistic look so the videos can be front and center. Here's a preview of a a few pages in the works. The website should be back online early next week! Post your feedback here or on Discord - there's still time for me to make some changes!

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Corner Floating Shelves Plan

After completing the first part of my garage wrap-around storage system build, I ended up with a large 3-unit cabinet on one wall and another cabinet to store brooms and gardening tools on the adjacent wall. This left me with an awkward empty corner between the two. In this corner I have a few electrical outlets, a vent and drain pipe. I'm not a fan of the triangular corner China-style cabinets when it comes to storage because their odd shape only accommodates small items. Plus I'd have to cut out holes to access the outlets and leave enough room at the bottom for the vent…

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A toot of a project!

Time to settle the debate over "who smelt it, dealt it" - by investing dozens of my dollars, using a few electronics and a bit of science! Here are some initial components I think we're gonna need: Arduino UnoMQ-4 or MQ-135 sensorLEDsBuzzer/AlarmServo or OLED screen to display the results I hope to fit this into a handheld contraption like the Ghostbusters PKE Meter but would love to hear some of YOUR design ideas! Post here or on Discord.

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3-Cabinet Storage Unit Plan

Like many of you, I use my one-car garage as a workshop but I also have to share the space with other household items that get stored in there too. Although my wall-mounted wire shelves kept things off the floor, it was an eyesore and my workshop still looked cluttered. To better compartmentalize personal life stuff from shop stuff, I decided to build a wrap-around storage system with fixed and adjustable shelves so it's customizable in the future and most importantly, something I could put doors on. To make this project more manageable, I divided it into 3 parts. In PART 1, I start with…

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Workbench Plan

Every maker needs a good workbench but they can get expensive at the store, especially one with casters, a shelf and other features. That's one of the reasons I've been using a plastic craft table with folding legs for a while. Like many of you, I use my home garage for many of my projects so space is precious. While being able to break down my plastic table and store it away is an advantage, it's flimsy legs are not very sturdy for bigger jobs. So now it's time ...time to trade in my wobbly craft table for a real workbench. This easy design cost…

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