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It's time to turn trash into treasure! Help Rachel unclutter the shop by rooting through the trash, scrap pile and spare parts to Frankenstein together a functional creation. All challenges welcome!



Ever wondered what some of your tools or household items look like on the inside? We tear things down from tools to electronics and appliances to find out! Tell us what guts you want to see in our polls.



Ask Rachel anything! Chat about builds, life, goals ...or how to make your own sharks with lasers. Join us behind-the-scenes as we plan, build ...and fail, with Yippee-Ki-Yay moments not posted anywhere else.



Want to replicate what we build but don't want to keep having to pause the video at every step? Download our step-by-step tutorials with photos and diagrams along with all the items you'll need.


Where do I access member-exclusive content?

You can access all our Wrench Army content right here on our website and join  discussions on Discord.

Will Gearhead Diva turn into a paid-only site?

Of course not! If you don’t want to pay for Wrench Army content, your experience will remain the same as it is today with our current line-up of videos and posts. We created the Wrench Army because we have great ideas for new additional content, and need fan-powered support to develop and produce the ideas.

Will there still be new content for non-paying members?

Don’t worry! We’re going to keep rolling out videos and new features for everyone in addition to our member-exclusive content.

When does my Wrench Army membership go into effect?

Memberships go into effect immediately after payment is received and processed.

Will the cost of my membership increase once I've signed up?

As is the case with any business, our goal is to bring you even more content over time and as a result, we may adjust the price of our memberships or add more tiers in the future. If this happens, we’ll notify you via email prior to renewing your membership at the new rate.

What if I want to cancel my account?

If at any point you find that you simply can’t handle all this awesomeness, you can cancel your account. Future renewals will also be cancelled immediately and your access to premium videos and a bunch of other insider stuff will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for Wrench Army memberships. This is to prevent abuse of our digital and download content which is immediately available upon sign-up.

What is a Discord server?

Discord is a voice and text chat service that works on desktop and mobile. You will be able to discuss Gearhead Diva, chat with Rachel and meet other Wrench Army members.

How do I gain access to the Gearhead Diva Discord server?

For a guide to how to access the Discord server please see here. Make sure the email associated with your Patreon account is the same email that you use to access the Discord server.

When will I receive my merchandise discount code?

Monthly coupon codes are posted on Discord on the 1st of every month to use for any item on the Gearhead Diva store (powered by Teespring). The code will change monthly so check Discord for the latest offers.

How do I change my email or home address?

You can find instructions on how to edit your email address here or your home address here.

Why did my payment get declined?

The most common reasons are expired payment information, mis-typed payment details, insufficient funds, or the issuing bank has blocked the charge. For more information see here.

When I sign up will my bank account be charged immediately?

You will be charged on the actual date you sign up and then also on the 1st of the month after that. But, you can cancel at any time.

Can I re-upload content I find on Patreon elsewhere?

No. All content you find on Patreon and Wrench Army sections of the Gearhead Diva site is off limits. Anyone found to be uploading content elsewhere, or posting up information about it – will risk being removed from the Patreon and Gearhead Diva.

I have a question that isn't answered on this FAQ - what do I do?

You can send us a direct message through Patreon and we’ll get back to you asap – instructions on what to do are here. But, if you’re not already signed up to the Patreon, or simply prefer to contact us through our website, head over to our Contact page.

Is the Wrench Army also available on Patreon?

Yes! We know that some of you already use Patreon to support your favorite creators and if you prefer to access all the Wrench Army content through there, the offering is the same as on our site!

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